The Legacy of the Land

In 1896, Octave and Lena Fortin homesteaded today’s Blarney Ranch near Trego, in Montana’s beautiful Tobacco Valley.

The Fortins were the first ranchers in this region and established a legacy of ranching in northwest Montana with three generations of Fortins on the OF Bar Ranch, as Blarney Ranch was originally known.

Their legacy lives on today in the neighboring town, roadway and tributary of the Tobacco River that bear the name of Fortin.

The Gorman Family

The people behind the ranch

And now it’s our turn. We, the Gorman family, are the stewards of Blarney Ranch, honoring the tradition and legacy of the land we call home. We honor those who came before us and are constantly reminded of the difficult journey they embarked on.

Drawing on our diverse life experiences and our own family roots, we work hard to provide our customers with a quality, all-natural beef product. Our cattle management practices are tailored both to the health of our herd and our commitment to improve the health of the land that is Blarney Ranch. We are grateful that you would choose us as your local Montana ranchers and proud to provide your family with delicious, all-natural beef.

We are fortunate to steward such a historic place and will continue its ranching legacy, ensuring the large, wild landscapes of our “Big Sky Country” are preserved for generations to come.

“The things of nature do not really belong to us, we should leave them to our children as we have received them.”

—Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet)

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