Regenerative Ranching

How we ranch

Our Ideals

Blarney Ranch depends on the health, resilience and diversity of our land.

We also see ourselves as stewards for the generations of Blarney Ranchers to come, which drives us to implement the best practices for the ethical treatment of our herd and the health of our pastures, forests, wetlands, and riparian areas.

Our regenerative ranching efforts start with the soil. We create a healthy ecosystem with an intensive rotational grazing system for our Dexter cattle, which heavily fertilizes the land and allows it to naturally regenerate and recover. This helps build nutrient-dense soil and organic matter and also leads to biodiversity of plant life. Healthy, resilient and organically charged soil can store precious moisture and also helps sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Happy soil also makes for healthy cattle!

While we may "own the land," we believe we are simply stewards for future generations.

Why Dexter Cows

Our Heritage Breed

Dexter cattle hail from the beautiful shores of Ireland and are the smallest of the European cattle breeds. Originally arriving in the United States in the early 1900s, Dexter cattle are prized for their gentle dispositions, strong milking performance, and deliciously rich beef.

As a heritage breed of cattle, Dexters are naturally resistant to parasites and diseases, thriving in conditions where they can forage on a diverse assortment of native plants, grasses, and woody species. They are an ideal choice for our herd here at Blarney Ranch.

Blarney Ranch, LLC., is a veteran-owned business.

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